Logical Thinking improvement exercise

1. 継続力 ability to continue, persevere

Tell us about a time you completed a project within the deadline asked. What did you do to get the work done, and how did it feel to finish?

How do Navy SEALS train? Watch.

Have someone give you a deadline (or give one yourself), don’t change the deadline, and then complete the project.  Tell us what you did.

2. 挑戦性 challenger

What is risk?
Do some of these exercises on dependent probability.

Read this article on Elon Musk. Think about how he rationalizes risk.

What is your appetite for risk – in classes you have taken, in the future career options you are considering, etc. Calculate those risks using what you learned about probability.

3. 達成志向 goal, achievement- oriented

Who is someone you admire who is willing to do anything to achieve his/her goal? Why are they so committed? If you can ask them, that’s even better.

Watch this TED Talk about Motivation (by Dan Pink). How does it relate to your answers in exercise 1?

Think of the last 3 things you’ve committed to doing. Were you able to do those things? Why or why not? Pick something to commit to and do it, without telling anyone at first, making progress on a consistent basis. Show us the results later.