「Ability to get things done」 Self-improvment exercise

1.根拠を求める seeks evidence

Are you argumentative?

Take this quiz too on logical fallacies.

Listen critically and ask questions – next time you’re talking with someone who makes a lot of claims with little evidence, push him or her on those claims until you are satisfied.

2.鵜呑みにしない does not take things at face value

When have you rushed to make a judgment about why others act the way they do, but then later realized that upon closer understanding, you were wrong?

What causes people’s heroin addiction?

Ask your friends – why are they aiming for a certain job? Then, instead of judging them immediately, ask more questions until both you and your partner understand the decision.

3.根拠を求める seeks evidence

Have you ever written a research paper? What was the topic, and how did you gather resources? How did you evaluate the resources you gathered?

Are Japanese youth less confident than their foreign counterparts?

Critically analyze this speech, the validity of the sources. What questions do you still have for the President Obama’s Chief of Staff?